Njörd — Light installation

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Wecomeinpeace won the Recylum Trophée of Sustainable Enlightenment at the Light Festival of Lyon, with Njörd, the spririt of the Wind, an original creation that transformed the courtyard of the City Hall in a modern sanctuary.
On an immersive soundtrack, the installation showcases 26 light monoliths, within which fly feathers in an aerial ballet.
Njörd is a reference to the scandinavian god of wind, and also refers to the refined contemporary Nordic design. The installation draws up a mysterious landscape between mythologic scenery and modern space design.
Finally, it is a technical challenge that synchronizes sound, light, wind tunnel and moving complexe elements.


CrEdits :
Concept : Wilfried DELLA ROSSA, Kimi DO, Thomas MATHIEU
Art Direction & Scénography : Wilfried DELLA ROSSA
Music : Laurent DELFORGE aka Squeaky Lobster
Technical Direction : Thomas MATHIEU
Technical Management: R-Cube
Technical Execution : La Dame d’Angleterre
Production : Fête des Lumières de Lyon, La Caisse d’Epargne & WECOMEINPEACE

  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Ville de Lyon / Shanghai (Chine) / Graz (Autriche) / Epernay / Toulon
  • Evenement: Fête des Lumières, Lyon
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