Spirit — Video mapping

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After 1024 and Tigrelab, we had the honor of being invited to the Singapore Night Festival 2014 to make a video mapping on the Museum of Modern Art. Untitled Spirit of the Nature, the show explored the theme of natural elements, from the infinitely small atoms to the weather events , playing with the architecture of the museum.
The screening took five video projectors for a total output of 100,000 lumens. It was seen by a wide international audience during the 15 days of the event.
A big thank to the lovely festival team as well as Tigrelab for their help and Halogram Films for drones shootings.

Credits :
Art Direction : Wilfried DELLA ROSSA
Visuals: Jérémy ANGONIN, Laurent BASSET & Wilfried DELLA ROSSA
Music : Laurent DELFORGE aka Squeaky Lobster
Technical Direction : Thomas MATHIEU
Production Manager : Kimi DO
Production : Panasonic & WECOMEINPEACE

  • Date: 22 août 2014, Singapour
  • Client: National Heritage Board of Singapore
  • Evenement: Singapore Night Festival
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